Tuesday, June 18, 2013

World of Tanks Hitbox skins + BOT World of Tanks

World of tanks Bot Hitbox skins and for this game already available. Hitbox skins are skins pack for all tanks!. It allows us to see where the tank has a flaw such as engine and fuel tank ammunition. Instead of looking on the internet where the tank has a flaw you can download this simple program!

Link: Link: http://adf.ly/FVaXp - there are two programs.

I will now work Bot for World of tanks. It allows us to easily kill at least 60k experience per day, about one million loans - without the premium tank (in one day)! It is very easy to use, here's how:
Downlad click here
1. Enable clicker.
3. In klikaczu File> Open> Wot config file (located in the folder clicker)
4. Run the game attention must be set 1024x768 resolution.
5. In the game, select the tank in the garage which has affected exp Beware of the tank ammunition throw in. Why? Program all the time so a few will go on free ammo and will not bring us to profit only loss ..
6. Now minimize the game, click Start program and bringing back the game.
7. Clicker starts.

I also recommend the program World of tanks hack so that we can do it all in a few sekund.zaprezentuje you.


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