Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AQWorlds Gold and AC Hack v2.0.1 Free Download 2013

Download: click here
This is the new and improved version of the AQWorlds Gold and AC Hack. This new version has an added security feature called "Undetectable Mode" which gives even more security to the user when enabled. With the Undetectable Mode enabled we can guarantee 0% risk of ban.

In addition to the added security we've also cleaned up our code making it compatible with every version of Windows. The AQWorlds Gold and AC Hack v2.0.1 is now more stable, faster and smarter.

What does AQWorlds Gold and AC Hack v2.0.1 do?
The hack allows you to edit your Gold and Adventure coins to any amount desired within the current Gold and AC restrictions that exist in-game. It does this without being detected thanks to a backdoor technique discovered by lead programmer l33tj33rs. Which means there is absolutely zero risk of your account getting banned by using this program. This hack is available exclusively on EZ Game Hacks.

How to use AQWorlds Gold and AC Hack v2.0.1:
Double click to launch the .exe file you just downloaded. You will see two text input boxes. In the first one, enter the username of your AQWorlds account. In the second, enter the amount of Gold you wish to have. In the third, the amount of Adventure Coins (AC). If you would like extra security while using the hack, enable the "Undetectable Mode". This may increase the time of the hack process but guarantees 0% chance of ban. Next click the "Start Hack" button. The program will start the process of editing your Gold and Adventure Coins variables of your AQWorlds account. Once it has finished, it will say "Hack Successful" and instruct you to relog into AQWorlds to update your variables. Do so now and you will see that your Gold and AC has changed to the amount you entered. Enjoy!


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