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D.O.T. Defender of Texel Hack Cheats Trainer Tool 100% Working

D.O.T. Defender of Texel Hack Cheats Trainer Tool 100% Working

This is the D.O.T. Defender of Texel hacks, cheats, tool, trainer 100% working on Android and iOS that will give you free unlimited mobacoin, voxite, pixite, texi, refill EN, refill BP, offline mode, and more. You can utilize the texi and mobacoin generated by D.O.T. Defender of Texel cheats tool. D.O.T. Defender of Texel Android and iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS trainer is easy to use and you can easily add D.O.T. Defender of Texel texi, voxite, and pixite in your account with just a few clicks of button. This answers the question how to hack or cheat in D.O.T. Defender of Texel. This hack tool has been designed by using an exploit in the game which will not put your account at risk in D.O.T. Defender of Texel iOS, Android cheats, hacks and tr

D.O.T. Defender of Texel (RPG) is a game app available on the Appstore for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and on the Google Play Store for Android mobile phones and tablets. The game lets you experience a unique world of 2D and 3D gaming combined together. In the game, you are the defender, where you need to save Texel, an 8-bit universe against the invaders. D.O.T. lets you play as a commander of their three tribes and hopefully open up the portal which will take you back to your own reality. D.O.T. Defender of Texel features a unique 8-bit retro graphics combined with dazzling effects, dozen of starter fighters which can be fused, epic mashup of robots and fantasy creatures like dragons, and battle formation with a unique swipe action twist. Defense of Texel is completely free to play. Start playing D.O.T. Defender of Texel now and experience 2D and 3D gaming combined with a RPG fantasy storyline.
Want to know more about D.O.T.? Read the D.O.T Defender of Texel Wiki and Game Guide below.

D.O.T. Defender of Texel Hack Features

  • Add Unlimited MobaCoin Hack
  • Add Unlimited Voxite Hack
  • Add Unlimited Pixite Hack
  • Add Unlimited Texi Hack
  • Refill EN Cheat (Refill Energy to 100%.)
  • Refill BP Cheat (Refills 3 BP for boss battles.)
  • Offline Mode (Play D.O.T. Defender of Texel offline without internet connection.)
  • D.O.T. Defender of Texel Cheats
  • Undetectable (100% Guaranteed)
Awesome and accessible user interface. (Just Login, Connect Device & Activate Hack)
Works for all Android phones or tablets, and iOS Devices including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (D.O.T. Defender of Texel must be installed.)
Daily updates version to ensure the functionality of the hack.
Disclaimer: D.O.T. Defender of Texel Hack Tool and Cheats is for educational purpose only. Use it on your own discretion.
Tutorial How to Use D.O.T. Defender of Texel Hack Tool
1. Connect your iOS or Android device to computer using USB. (D.O.T. Defender of Texel must be installed and running with Internet connection.)
2. Start the D.O.T. Defender of Texel Hack Tool.
3. Click the Detect Device button.
4. Edit the values.
5. Choose and turn on from the Hack Tool features.
6. Click on Patch Game.
7. Reload and see your D.O.T. Defender of Texel Android or iOS game app.


The Story
On the other side of a wormhole lies an 8-bit universe called Texel. In here lies three tribe of immortals which live on their own set of lives, until an invasion took place from another dimension that shattered their peace and so the war began.
The story is whether Texeli can set aside their own grudges against their tribes and unite under the leadership of a hero, which you will be playing.
In the 8-bit world of Texel, you will take your role as the commander and tactician and use your gamer skills to be the D.O.T., also known as the Defender of Texel. While playing, you will be meeting D.O.T. characters that can help you with your game.
Zar is a member of the resistance that was reduced to a disembodied hand. He will help you on the road and find the rest of his body.
The Resistance
A group of Texeli who united in order to fight the invaders. They will be your followers, and companions. A pool from which you can select your band of fighters.
One of the three tribes that live in Texel. They are human in appearance and divided into three social groups: The gallants, mages, and the barbarians.
A tribe of dragons, chimera, and other fantasy creatures. While they may have certain aloofness towards other tribes. They are a force to reckon.
The offsprings of Xana and Theri. The thrid tribe of Texel which have the strength of the Xana and the intelligence of the Theri.
There are the mechanized invades from an unknown world. The are called Exos because of their marking “EXOSK” on one of their first arrivals. Little are known about them, though they are ruthless and they are the attackers of Texel.
A journey is made up of missions and regular boss battles.
The goal of each mission is to use energyto move your band forward, while winning mission battles without any of your fighters’ HP running out. If any of your fighter’s HP goes to zero, you must start the mission over. You can also exit a mission prematurely.
Every few missions, you band will encounter a particularly powerful enemy. Use BP to fight these bosses and unlock the next journey.
Battle System
The band is a fighting force you levy from among your followers. There are 9 positions in a band, with 3 fighters in 3 lines. You can place any fighter you have in any position, to create a winning band. The band can be reconfigured before every new mission.
Position power (POP) can be enhanced using enhancement items. Every time POP rises 1 level, the stats of the fighter placed in it receives a 1% boost.
Tap “Auto” to automatically select your highest-stats fighters and gear for your band.
Line Formation
Once there are 9 fighters in your band, you select 3 battle lines by swiping straight across, down or diagonally. You can include the same character in more than one line, but you cannot choose the exact same line twice.
The battle will play out with the 3 lines you chose. When all 3 lines complete their turns, you can select the next set of lines.
The first side to exhaust all its fighter HP losses. If there is no winner after a certain number of line formations and turns, the battle ends in a draw.
Achievements are challenges that players can meet for prizes. Some achievements are only available for a limited period of time.
Pixite Build/Voxite Build
You can build new fighters, using ixstones or MobaCoins. The bronze Pixite Build usually yields more common fighters, and the silver Voxite Build can result in rare fighters.
Premium Build
Using Texite of MobaCoin for a Premium Build can get you extremely rare fighters.
You can fuse multiple fighters into a single fighter of higher level and XP. When you fuse different fighters together, you must choose which appearance to keep.
Self-Fusion & Evolution
Fusing multiples of the same fighter is called self-fusion, and raises not only XP but also the level max, base stats and skill proc rate. Self-fusing to that fighter’s SEF max results in evolution; the fighter transforms in name and appearnace, and the base stats surge.
Gear Fusion
Multiples of the same gear can also be self-fused to create a more powerful item. Gear does not undergo evolution.
Acquiring Gear & Items
The store carries consumable items that can be purchased with MobaCoin (premium currency).
Texi Exchange
The Exchange carries items and gear that can be traded for texi earned in the game. Go to Home > More > Texi Exchange.
Newly-acquired fighters of items that exceed max limits are temporarily stored in the cache. Be sure to use of fuse as needed, and claim whatever is in the cache before it expires in 7 days. Fighters of R or higher rarity will stay in the cache indefinitely.
Any item phtsically equipped by a fighter is called gear. Gear elevates fighter stats, and some enable skills.
Aja Leaf
Also called the Eightbitter Herb for its distinct tang, the leaf of the aja plant restores some energy.
Long sold under the slogan “Bitter makes you better”, this cordial of aja leaf fully restores energy. Available at the store.
Nux Bits
Wrapped in old love letters and sold as street snack, these bite-sized treats restore a single BP.
Made the traditional way from 3 kinds of nuts, lilawater and honey, this bock of nux fully restores BP. Available at the soter.
These bronze crystals have piezomantic charge, enough for a single build.
These argent crystals have piezomantic charge, enough for a single build.
The mercurial crystals have piezomantic charge, enough for a single premium build.
Duct Tape
An import from our world hailed by the Texeli. Referred to as “satin steel”. Duct tape restores some fighters HP.
Your personal recipe, and a world-changing innovation for all Texeli. This adgesive fully restores fighter HP. Available at the store.
The fragile “Horn Unknown” cracks after a single blast, but its clarion voice enhances position power (POP) and boosts your band’s stats/
Painstakingly magicked to withstand journeys through inhospitable terrains, this bivouac raises the max limit for fighters by 10. Available at the store.
Skills are special abilities unleashed during battles, ranging from massive damage to HP recovery. When you put skilled fighters in a battle, their skills are automatically activated according to set probability. This value varies from fighter to fighter.
Different skills are triggered at different times, such as at the beginnning of your turn, or on sustaining an attack.
Skills are either natural or magical. Skill effectiveness depends on a fighter’s ATK and DEF for natural skills, and on WIS for magical skills.
Different skills target different sides and numbers.
Player Stats
Class indicates your ability as a defender. Accruing XP leads to a class-up, and you recover energy and BP in full with each class-up. The maximum number of fighters you can have also increase by 1.
In addition, there are valuable achievement prizes associated with acquiring certain classes.
XP is gained by winning battles, and triggers class-ups.
Energy is used to advance your band in a journey. Energy recovers at the rate of 1 unit every 3 minutes, or through the use of recovery items. It also recovers in full at each level-up.
BP is used in boss battles, and recovers at the rate of 1 point per 30 minutes, or through the use of recovery items. It also recovers in full at each level-up.
Texi is the in-game currency of “D.O.T.” Earb texi as battle and leaderboard prizes, then exchange it for item and gear in the Texi Exchange.
Fighter Stats
A fighter levels up when they accrue a certain amount of XP. Base stats go up with every level-up.
XP is acquired through fusion, and triggers level-ups.
When a fighter runs out of HP, s/he can no longer fight. Recovery items can restore HP.
The ATTACK value determines the effectiveness of regular and natural skills attacks.
The DEFENSE value determines the extent of damage from regular and natural skill attacks.
The AGILITY value determines the order of actions in a battle.
The WISDOM value determines the effectiveness of magical skill attacks, as well as the damage sustained from magical attacks.
The SELF-FUSION value indicates the number of self-fusions. The mark next to the number, if any, indicates that the fighter will evolve on gaining SEF max.
These are 5 signs:
Fire, Water, Lightning, Air, and Earth.
Some fighters have no sign. When a fighter’s sign matches that of a locale or a boss’ vulnerability, the fighter’s stats are adjusted upward. This is called sign edge.
See “Gear, Item & Skill”. Not every fighter has a skill.
Proc Rate
Proc rate is the likelihood of that skill activating. PRR rises according to SEF rather than level.
Not all fighters are created equal. There is an ascending level of rarity:
Common (C)
Uncommon (U)
Rare (R)
Epic (E)
Legendary (L)
The rarer the fighter, the less likely you are to acquire one.
D.O.T. Defender of Texel Texi, Voxite and Pixite Hack
Download the D.O.T. Defender of Texel Hack Tool and Cheat above and get access to the exploits in the game.
Important:D.O.T. Defender of Texel Texi Hack will change the amount of your texi in game.
Use the D.O.T. Defender of Texel voxite hack by downloading the tool above and enabling it. This will let you get unlimited number of free voxite which you can use in D.O.T. Defender of Texel. Utilize the voxite to build rare fighters. Pixite hack is useful as you can use it to increase the number of your fighter in pool and use for fuse. You can also use the EN and BP hack to recharge the amount of your energy to 100% and give 3 BP for you to use.
Play D.O.T. Defender of Texel like a hero, and get access to the free unlimited mobacoin, voxite, pixite, texi, refill EN, refill BP, offline mode, and more. Download the D.O.T. Defender of Texel Hack Cheats Trainer Tool now and easily get rare, legendary, and epic fighters in the game. Easily beat bosses by using the infinite voxite and pixite cheat in D.O.T. Defender of Texel. Become the best D.O.T. Defender of Texel player ever, and easily get unlimited mobacoins and texi by using the D.O.T. Defender of Texel Hack Tool


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